Embodied CommunicationRussell Delman - The Embodied Life
Listening to Self, Other and World

Weekend Workshop with Russell Delman
Zürich, Schweiz, February 25 and 26, 2017

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Dear Friends,

I am grateful to be returning to Zurich on 25th and 26th February 2017. My intention is to work in transformative and practical ways to enhance our capacity for listening to “Self” as we also listen deeply to “Other”.

For many of us is there is often a conflict between caring for: 1) ourselves, 2) our personal relationships and 3) the many social and environmental challenges of the greater world. How can we rest in “being” as we actively participate in life through effective “doing”?

From a young age I saw that being in Presence – cultivating awareness and love as the ground and center of our lives – is a life-long path, requires specific practices and guidance and is accessible for ordinary people living regular lives with our worldly challenges like you and me.


With all of the intense social conflicts around us and the challenges of deepening both self-connection and connection with others, now more than ever, we need practices to support our embodied presence.

How can we stand up for ourselves, as we also learn to stand the intense feelings of listening respectfully to others with whom we are in conflict?

Standing-up for self, other and life itself are physical, emotional, relational and spiritual acts. Listening deeply to the various needs of self, other and world is a great and essential skill.

In this seminar, we will grow this capacity through:

  • Embodied Meditation - if we can not tolerate our own sensations, feelings and thoughts how can we be present in relationship.
  • Feldenkrais movement lessons - to grow more space in our bodies, allowing the capacity to be present in challenging moments and unwind our embedded reaction patterns.
  • Embodied Inquiry - to learn from our own inner world what is needed to listen well at all these levels.

There are no requirements necessary to attend the seminar. It is useful for Feldenkrais-practitioners as well as people who do not know the Feldenkrais work. I hope you will join me in this deep, important and hopefully joy-filled exploration.

All best, Russell Delman



25. und 26. Februar 2016, jeweils 10.00 - 17.00 Uhr


Evangelisch-reformierte Kirchgemeinde Zürich Hottingen,
Asylstrasse 36, 8032 Zürich




360.00 CHF
ELMP-Teilnehmer und-Absolventen: 180 CHF

Organisation und Kontakt

Regina Schlager, office@reginaschlager.ch


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Die Anmeldungen werden in der Reihenfolge des Eingangs berücksichtigt. Es folgt eine Anmeldebestätigung per E-Mail mit den Angaben zur Einzahlung des Kursbetrages. Der Platz ist gesichert, sobald die Bezahlung erfolgt ist. Ab 27. Januar 2017 ist eine Stornierung kostenlos nur möglich, wenn ein/e Ersatzteilnehmer/in vermittelt wird. Ohne Ersatzteilnehmer/in werden 50% des Kursbetrages einbehalten, ab 10. Februar erfolgt keine Rückerstattung mehr. Am Ende des Workshops erhalten Sie eine Zahlungs- und Kursbestätigung.

Für Feldenkraislehrer/innen: Der Workshop gilt als methodenspezifische Weiterbildung A2 (es werden maximal 10 Stunden pro zwei Jahre angerechnet).

About Russell Delman

In his unique approach Russell Delman combines Zen meditation with
Feldenkrais and Guided Inquiry.

Russell offers a mentorship program “The Embodied Life”. For more
information please visit his website.