Meetup Frauen und sinnvolle Arbeit - Women and Meaningful Work

Feminine Qualitites. Englisch, Deutsch

Unser Thema diesmal:

"Feminine Qualitites"

Let's be in conversation about feminine qualities. How can we stand powerfully in the world while reconnecting to our feminine power, finding meaning and purpose in our lives and work?

In order to free ourselves and be successful in our work we have taken on masculine qualities very strongly. Women are good at planning, organizing and juggling with many balls. Our culture with its masculine dominance has repressed the feminine for very long time: qualities like receptivity, connection and cooperation.

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English, German - as needed and preferred



Thursday, 19. Februar 2015, 19:00

Ort Gemeinschaftspraxis Nordstrasse 280, 8037 Zürich

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