Meetup Frauen und sinnvolle Arbeit - Women and Meaningful Work

Conversation Circle: Was ist meine tiefere Intention?

This time, we will meet at Café des Amis. I will reserve the round table, if possible: so we can have a circle in this setting as well.

I invite you to step into a conversation about: "What is my deeper intention?"

- What drives us?
- Why are we doing what we are doing?
- What is our vision?
- Why are we here and what is our work?
- What is it that we care about?

We will do this in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. Language: English and German, as appropriate.


Dieses Mal treffen wir uns im Café des Amis, Zürich. Ich werde den runden Tisch reservieren (wenn möglich), damit wir auch in diesem Rahmen einen Kreis (Circle) bilden können.

Ich lade euch ein, über unsere tiefere Intention, unsere tiefere Absicht zu sprechen:

- Warum tun wir, was wir tun?
- Was ist unsere Vision?
- Worin sehen wir unsere Aufgabe, wozu sind wir hier?
- Was ist uns kostbar? Wofür wollen wir uns einsetzen?


Please register at the platform. You can also join or recommend the meetup to someone who wants to join for the first time without being member of the meetup group. In this case, please write me a message either via the platform or by e-mail

English, German - as needed and preferred

Thursday, 23. April 2015, 17:00

Ort Café des Amis, Nordstrasse 88, Zürich

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